Programs & Services

In serving the people in the geographical region of Petite Rivière de Nippes, the Visitation Hospital Foundation strives to be a healing presence that assures dignity and respect. We will:

  1. Complete the hospital construction and provide ongoing patient care and surgical treatment through continued support of the Hospital. VHF opened its doors in January 2008. COMPLETED
  2. Serve the community compassionately, knowledgeably, and responsibly, resulting in lower rates of child mortality and increased rates of disease control. ONGOING
  3. Train and educate the community on health and nutrition matters and encourage early, at-home detection of most health problems. ONGOING
  4. Begin a midwifery program offering pre- and post-natal care to pregnant women, provide vitamins and nutrition to babies and mothers, and train local matrons in professional midwifery techniques. This program began in 2014. ONGOING
  5. Develop a dental suite with two chairs and the equipment to support restorative dentistry. ONGOING
  6. To continue to keep up with the medical demands of the community and purchase enough medicines and supplies for medical, dental, and midwifery services by seeking grant funding opportunities, research availability for free services, or participate in cooperative purchasing for these products. ONGOING
  7. Design inpatient beds and two surgical suites to accommodate surgeons who will perform life-saving procedures and surgeries currently unavailable in the region. FUTURE PLANS